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Dental Fees

Please find below a representative list of the fees charged to patients who wish to pay for their treatment on a ‘pay as you go’ basis.

You will be given detailed estimate of your treatment needs and their costs after a thorough examination. Every aspect of your treatment plan will be carefully explained. Please feel free to ask our friendly dental team if you have any questions.

Treatment 'Pay as you go' Price
New Patient Examination
includes two Small X-rays and a Panoral X-ray
£ 79.00
New Young Patient Examination £ 45.00
Existing Patient Examination £ 41.00
Emergency Examination
Carried out during normal surgery hours
Existing Young Patient Examination £27.00
Small X-ray £15.50
Panoral X-ray £45.00
Routine Scale & Polish £26.00
Hygienist 30 Min Appointment £ 53.00
Composite (White) Filling From £90.00
Cerec Porcelain Restoration £450.00
Root Canal Treatment From £258.00
Crown From £580.00
Bridges From £180.00 + Lab fee
Single Tooth Implant From £2700.00
Extraction From £67.00
Denture From £350.00 + Lab fee
Tooth Whitening From £199.00
Laboratory Fees
Please find below a brief list of Laboratory fees, which are paid by both patients on our membership plan and those paying for their treatment on a ‘pay as you go’ basis.

Treatment 'Pay as you go' Price
Crowns From £150.00
Bridges From £160.00 per unit
Veneers From £560.00
Full Dentures From £400.00
Partial Dentures From £240.00

For price information about our facial aesthetics services, please contact the Bingham Dental team.

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